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My darling waffle Maia Gasparini has released some gorgeous new nail palettes along with some group gifts for you amazing V.I.P’s.

Oh and not forgetting the new Gacha she has out called “Fish n’ Chips” which is available at the store, cute little mesh underpants that come in 5 standard mesh sizes and no the fish is not an offence, it’s an actual british thang meaning food :-P 15 to collect in total including 11 commons and 4 Rares.  As the advert states there is a FREE Demo for you to try to make sure that they fit perfect, so now I see no excuses to be made :-P

Here is a little preview :)


So get your lovely asses (Which would fit oh so perfectly) down to Hello Dave and grab a pair or 7, whatever takes your fancy!

So back to the nails, if you’re in the V.I.P Group you would have been lucky enough to receive these cutesy nails, if not join up and of course tell your friends and if you’re lucky they might still be there, be sure to stay in the group to get every awesome group gift Maia does send as she is a very generous one!

Here are the previews of what is available.





Don’t the Fast Food ones make you crave a McDonalds? *Drools*

So as  stated at the beginning there have been new sets released and I have them here, besides the photo’s I have taken I will also put in the image of all the different colours available to tempt you into buying them even more.. Buhahaha!

Each set comes with Toes and Hands appliers which are made specifically for Slink, some even come with a set that has a (B) this means Both, so you don’t have to attach to different HUDS that with one click will add the colour you choose to both your hands and feet, or you can make different variations buy adding one HUD at a time… Look at me rambling! You know how it’s done, now get your napkins ready…

14650197328_96a920e370_o Hello Dave - This Way

Hello Dave - Solid Shape 14784794452_bde2ef09f7_o

Hello Dave - Argyle 14721283498_03a006e777_o

Hello Dave - Doing Lines


Hello Dave - Colour Rays


If you like the look of these, please visit the store, I will have both links at the bottom.
Don’t forget to join the V.I.P Group for amazing gifts and of course try your luck at the new Gacha and good luck!

All the skins featured in this post are from Wow Skins and is the latest release Becky in which I will have a post up for you ladies shortly.
Thank you so much for reading.

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