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It’s raining heavily here so I have no plans to go outside and play today, instead I will stay inside and play catch up, so expect a mountain of posts today.

I wanted to go with a Halloween theme for this picture as I figured it would fit the clothing.
My mind was a bit mushed yesterday so in all it took me 7hrs before I actually sat my butt down and started concentrating but I came up with something.

Before I show off the clothing, let me tell you about the brooms.
They are new from Plethora and available now at the TAG! Gacha event.
Which is a sim wide event that takes you across 50 sims to complete, here is how to play.
And if you want to check out all the goodies they have a Flickr page also, which also lets you see pictures others have created.

The brooms are 100% mesh and there is 9 Commons, 2 Rares and 1 Mystery Rare coupon.
It’s L$50 per play with a No Mod, No Copy but Transfer rezzer HUD.
HUD is transferable – attempts to rez brooms from inventory or give to others will result in self-derez.


I got accepted to blog for {Vivi} this week, now the thing I love most about this store, not only that she does hair also… And gorgeous hair at that, so many pretty styles but that all her clothing comes with a universal HUD for all appliers, yes, all.

Vix also does a range of Mesh clothing too. :D. Go check out her store.

Lola appliers (This HUD works with many other breast brands too)
Luck Phat
Cute Azz

uLukie Ghetto

Banned Booty
Wowmeh Body
*KL* Lena Body
Slink physique

Of course you can also wear this clothing without the attachments.

Vix passed me a few dresses which are perfect if you are looking for something to wear on Halloween.

{ViVi} - Spider Web Dress

The dress comes in 10 colours with the universal appliers HUD
And in the package comes the dress – Jacket, shirt, pants, undershirt, and underpants layers.
Rigged mesh dress panels in 5 standard sizes which are fully modifiable.

{ViVi} - Skelenton Dress

And the exact same with this one :D only this dress comes in 9 Colours.

These credits are for the first image. 

*Skin* – Pink Acid – Joy – Ivory – By Stasey Oller *NEW@TDR-Fusion*
Marketplace - InworldTDR

*Hands* – Slink – Elegant1 Hands *MESH*
*Feet* – Slink – High Feet *MESH*
– By Siddean Munro
Marketplace Inworld

*Hair* – Argrace – Haruka – Blonde *MESH* – By Rika Oyen

*Dress* – { ViVi } Devilin – Webbed Lace Dress – Black – By Vixtris *NEW*

*Shoes* – Miss Canning – Lavinia – Black (Slink High Feet) – By Lisle Canning

*Broom* – Plethora – Flying Broom – Daredevil *MESH* – By Plethorasl *NEW @ TAG GACHA*
Marketplace - Inworld - TagG!

*Skin* – Pink Acid – Joy – Mocho Choco – By Stasey Oller *NEW@TDR-Fusion*

*Hands* – Slink – Elegant1 Hands *MESH*
*Feet* – Slink – High Feet *MESH*
– By Siddean Munro

*Headband* – Le Forme – Dark Feelings Headband *MESH* – By Louise Marsault

*Hair* – Ploom – Tovi – Blacks – By Helyanwe Vindaloo

*Outfit* – { ViVi } Skelly – Skeleton Bones Dress – Pink – By Vixtris *NEW*

*Shoes* – [LW] – Platform Heels – Black (Slink Med Feet) – By Lindsey Warwick

*Broom* – Plethora – Flying Broom – Midnight Rush *MESH* – By Plethorasl  *NEW @ TAG GACHA*