♥ Guilty Confessions Meme ♥

Before I start this Meme I would just like to point out that both these outfits are from Holli Pocket and come in tons more colours, I just mixed and matched these :D

The sneakers are from Miss Canning and come in different colours too ! :D

The stilettos are from Stiletto Style and are brand new, Katrina has a wide range of shoes now available :)


1. I keep letting all my blog items pile up, it’s not that I don’t want to do it, I just get stuck with ideas, it seems most bloggers find it so easy. I let myself think that I am not good enough or creative enough and that draws me back.

2. I like to keep my inventory spotless, I do not have more than one copy of one item. I’m on 8k right now and I won’t let it go past 10K. If it does I root through it all over again and trash anything I haven’t worn or used in months. Those of which I cannot part with are nicely organised in my wardrobe from Carlyle Theas solutions

3. I have days where I just want to quit SL and never look back, I have never had any drama in the entire 7 years I have been there but sometimes I just feel I could do more than just sit at the computer for the amount of time that I do. If truth be told though, since I have moved to The Netherlands it’s been my only outlet… At least I can interact with my friends somewhere in the world right?

4. I can be socially awkward, it’s not that I want to be it’s just I am genuinely shy and even though sat behind a screen I like to avoid confrontation, I hate IMing my friends because I feel like I bother them. Same with Plurk usually I just ask a question and wait for an answer, it sounds like I can’t be bothered or that I ask when I am stuck and don’t care what others are doing, it’s really not that I promise, I just don’t want anyone to think “Oh it’s Pinkie again, she’s really annoying!” I do look at the posts and sometimes want to join in on the banter but I just can’t bring myself to, I either have to be really hyped up or possibly drunk… I promise I am really cool once you get to know me :D

5. I am a MAJOR, No Devil addict… Seriously there was one time I had stayed up all night just playing, losing, winning, losing, losing, losing, winning and it goes on… then boom 59K win because I got the highest score, since then I have had a love affair with that game.

6. I love reading profiles, it’s the first thing I do when someone starts talking to me. If they have a blog or MP link, I am a clickin! Even YouTube music :P Gives off some clues to how the person is. I wish people would read mine more, it helps when they ask if I am single or how much my pictures cost. We have profiles for a reason, trust me you find all you need to know in there! :)

7. I wait until people go offline to unfriend them. It sounds mean but I hate upsetting people and with some being able to see when it happens, I want to spare the IM of “Why? :(” truth be told we never talk, you added me 2 years ago and nothing since. I like to keep my list to a minimal of friends of creators who I blog for.

8. I’m terrible at accessorizing… I have quite a bit (Thank you Maxi!) but I tend to usually forget to wear any unless I am blogging them. When I first started SL I had quite a bit of jewelry but the novelty wore off slowly, I think I just got bored of attaching it :P

9. I have watched Berry’s blog since her first post about Second Life Viewer 2.1 Shadows (That video is outdated now) and yes it took me 3 years to click that button for email updates. I am so like the quiet kid in the back of the class, hoping not to get caught :P

*Skin* – Zoul Creations – Tyra – Tone 03 – By Shantia Soulstar

*Hands* – Slink – Casual Hands *Mesh* – By Siddean Munro
Marketplace Inworld

*Hair* – Sugar Smack – Paloma – French Vanilla – By Accountant Adzebills
Marketplace - Inworld

*Jewelry* – Miss LT Creations – Bitch Jewelry Set – By Ladytrava

*Top* – Holli Pocket – Shredding Me Top – Hot Pink *Mesh* – By Holli Thespian
Marketplace - Inworld

*Skirt* – Holli Pocket – Shredding Me Skirt – Rainbow Pink *Mesh* – By Holli Thespian

*Shoes* – Miss Canning – Devine Wedge – Pink (Hud) – By Lisle Canning

*Poses* – oOo Studio – Fever 01 – By Olaenka Chesnokov

2 thoughts on “♥ Guilty Confessions Meme ♥

    • I can’t help it, my shyness plays a huge role. As for keeping up to date with your blog, it’s my passion lol (another confession? :P) first thing I look at when I come on, so thank you for being so amazing and inspiring! ♥

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