♥ Photography Prices ♥

To view the style and overall quality of my work, please visit:


Client Pictures will also be displayed on my Flickr.

You can email me at mandyrandall07@hotmail.co.uk with any questions.

To book a photo shoot, contact me via email at mandyrandall07@hotmail.co.uk or alternatively you can send me an IM for an Appointment Card. (amanda Randall)

The prices for my photography are as follows:

= Portrait =
= Full Body =

 C O U P L E
= Portrait =
L$ 2,000
=Full Body =
L$ 3,500

▪ G R O U P
Three Persons

(+ L$300 per person after that.)

Photographer availability:

Currently I am available for client photo shoots Monday through Friday. Contact me via IM if I am online to discuss a time.

Scheduling your photo shoot by appointment:

Appointments will be confirmed by myself only either via your email, an Instant Message or Note card, please specify what is easier for you as again like mine, your IMs may get capped.

Photo shoots typically take 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on conditions in Second Life.


Payment in full is required at the time of the photo-shoot. It’s non negotiable.  If you are not satisfied with your first edited photo,  I am willing to re-shoot for a second time only free-of-charge.  If you are still unhappy, HALF of your L$ will be refunded to you as the other half is kept for my time .  Please ensure that you view my Blog thoroughly beforehand so you know what to expect from my photography.

Receiving your photo(s):

You will receive your photos by email within 48 hours (approximate). Or on Flickr you can download them from there at their full size.
(I no longer upload to Second Life)

“Ready for my closeup!”

Keep in mind that to achieve a very high quality shot, wearing high quality items is always best.


I hear a lot  “You’re the photographer, you have the skills, surprise me and I trust you”

I get that but sometimes, it helps an awful lot if you specify what *you* want, you’re the client and you came to me, if there’s something specific, tell me. It’s as easy as that.

On-location photos:

If you prefer an on-location shot, please have your Landmark/s ready.

Single Poses/Couples portraits::

If you wish to use a specific pose you must provide it yourself (if I do not have it) and be able to rez it on the location of the shoot. You will have rezzing rights in my studio. I may need your Object rights to move the pose unless of course you can do this yourself 🙂 I also own a pose store and we do create custom poses – Again you can always ask me for a notecard for price information on this.


After receiving your photo(s) you are free to do as you wish with them.

My Facebook & Flickr

I do enjoy sharing client work on my Facebook and Flickr. When and if I choose to do so, I will always ask your permission first.:-)

Thank you for taking the time to read through this.

Hope to see you soon!

Amanda Randall.

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