♥ Review Policy ♥

Most of all thank you for supporting my blog I really enjoy creating scenes and taking photo’s so knowing that you like it enough for me to blog your creations it means so much to me so thank you!

If you wish for me to review your items please send me a detailed note card with your name, store name and any other information which I will need to know about the items or links to where it will be sold.

I will note this as being first and foremost, if your item/s are to blogged for an event I would prefer to have it a week in advance if it is possible, that way I can get it out there and advertise it as much as I can as a day before is just too little notice and I tend to have a first come first serve policy. 

Thank you for understanding. 

I am always open to new items but not all of it will fit my style, so please do not be offended if I didn’t blog something you sent me it just didn’t fit my mood. It doesn’t mean the next item won’t! 🙂 Of course if one of your rules is to blog every release I will also accept that, it would be wrong of me not to read those requirements and not follow the rules.

I do love fat packs but please understand that I may not be able to blog every colour but will put the detailed photo that comes with the item on my blog showing off all available colours if needs be.

However I must warn you that I will not blog the same thing twice, just because you have re coloured it or have it at another event, I have already took a picture and talked as much about the item as possible, I don’t like de ja vu moments.

I do take my pictures in Photoshop for an editing process so I will state if there is a demo for purchase that the person should buy that before hand. I never overly Photoshop any images though, I only make exceptions for my clients or my own work when I am not blogging.

I always, always list the creator name, SL URL and Marketplace store if they are available.

If at some point you see me slacking please do not lose faith in me just yet, sometimes my RL gets a tad busy, I will always notify you first if I am not able to blog your item(s) in said amount of time.

I do have a number of mesh body parts which are listed below.

Hands (All)
Feet – Flat, Medium, High, Kitten & Pointe
Emma Mesh Head
Becky Mesh Head
Physique Mesh Body

Maitreya Body

Lelutka Heads
Karin Mesh Head

Genesis Heads

Catwa Heads
Annie Vampire


Logo Heads

Other Mesh Body Parts
Loud Mouth
Phat Azz
Lola’s Tango 


I Also blog Home and Garden Décor and it’s the same policy as above.
I will more than likely put together a bunch of Home and Garden items from different creators into one post but they all will be viewable.

For anything related to review copies, or any questions do not hesitate to contact me by Email mandyrandall07@hotmail.co.uk or send me a Notecard in Second Life itself to amanda Randall or pop over to my “Contact Page” for alternative ways to contact me.
Thank you!


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