♥ Hello Bloggers World! ♥

Well first off I’d like to say “Hi” to those of you who will take an interest in what I post here.

Please forgive me as I am no expert with blogging I just thought it seemed an interesting thing to read and now I am attempting to give it a try. 😀 so we’ll just play it by ear and hope for the best!

My reason for blogging is because I am a photographer in the online game Second Life, it’s been a passion of mine for the past two or three years and I enjoy it a great deal.  I will be posting works of my own in various locations with some links to the skins, clothing, accessories and Landmarks.

I also have a Flickr with my client works  feel free to visit there and take a peek best bet it to visit my Facebook where my photo’s are not limited ( I’m a bit of a cheapskate for upgrading on Flickr at the moment :-P) (try not to go too far back, I was a slight n00b).

You can also email me at Mandyrandall07@hotmail.com or contact me in-world (amanda Randall) if you have any questions, would like me to feature you or your items in any of my blogs or just asking about my photography prices.

Well I think I have that down pretty much, might not be what a blog entails but I just went with it!

I hope you enjoy my work in the future!


Edit: For some strange reason Flickr is not showing my recent photo’s, until that is fixed, my facebook is the best bet :D.

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