♥ One for Sorrow ♥

Good morning all and loved ones ♥

Nightingales Sorrow

This week has been mildly hectic, I completely cleared out my inventory, ah I do it at least once a month. 😛
After getting snapshots of ALL of the clothing, props and furniture from the With Love gift hunt. (Posted soon!)
I decided to take a break from those and concentrate on something else.

So without further ado!
I would like to present to you the new prop that Mr. Rogan Diesel of Diesel Works has released! 😀
Well in fact there is two, Nightingale’s Sorrow and Nightingale’s Glee.
In these pictures I am using Sorrow.
It has 15 mellow poses in a mesh iron cage, the poses can be changed by clicking the cage itself and the pose can be modified by using the very reliable /1a chat menu. This really is a great pose prop. I can’t wait to show you the one for Glee. 🙂

Stay tuned! 🙂

If you would like more information on Diesel Works poses and props, I will drop here a few useful links at the bottom.

nightinglaes sorrow

I’m a happy person, I love to mess around, laugh and annoy people in a funny way lol and act like a child but some days, like everyone else I have bad days, I’m mournful for strange reasons and I just want to curl up in a dark room and cry, sometimes I have no clue why, it just gets like that.
I’m not a million miles away from home but I am further away then I would like to be, as I once said my mother and I do not always get on but when we do it’s wonderful and not being able to walk that 30mins to see her, saddens me, I really took that for granted.

When you’re away from familiarity you seem to see things clearly, we all know fighting/arguing with siblings is not fun, we’ve all done it but even then, I miss it, weird isn’t it?

So all in all these two pictures reflect me the most, the first, there are times where I feel I am locked in a cage, I know of no one here that is not busy during the day with work or school and the language is a big one for me, so I stay in, on rare occasions I visit the town but feel to alone to want to stay out there for to long, so I head home.
One of my friends once called me Rapunzel… Sorry dude one does not have the long hair and even if I did, you will not be climbing it! 😛
This place is beautiful but I spend time just looking out the window, just like the bars of that cage.

Picture two is more like how I feel when I think of my family, alot of my past has crept upon me these past few weeks, things I thought I had forgotten but haven’t, my mind has kept every detail that I can remember, big and small, even the tiniest of things…
Sometimes I am thankful for that, other times, I would rather forget.
I am broken away from them but at the same time if I was there, maybe we would all clash, you see, from a distance my family and I look the closest and one time we were but so many things over the years pulled us apart and now, lets just say, we’re picking up the shrapnel.
I love them all none the less.

It also reflects how I feel during the day, we all miss the ones we love, I just feel so lonely at times, I used to love the silence and time to myself, now it’s become deafening.  I miss my man while he is at work, we communicate but it’s rare as he is busy.

One quote I love
Every life has a measure of sorrow, and sometimes this is what awakens us.
This is true.. Every time I get a chance to think, I think of all the times I have missed out on.
Things I could have done but didn’t, choices I had made both wrong and right.
I have also realized that being away from the people I love the most is not the answer, I plan to make a change soon.

There is one woman who has stuck with me throughout. From day one and she owns a very special piece of my heart.
I’ll never forget how she has saved me. A true Angel.

So there you have it, a long paragraph of informative blalala 😛 I hope none of you fell to sleep.. Hehe!

Credits! Yes!

*Hair* – Truth – Guinevere *Mesh* – Black – By Truth Hawks (Marketplace)

*Skin* – Lara Hurley Skins – Yuna – By Lara Hurley (Inworld Store)

*Makeup* – Curves – Vamp Makeup – By Carolinne Hax (Marketplace)

*Jewlery* – MG – Giselle Opal Set – Black – By Maxi Gossamer – (Marketplace) (Inworld Store)

*Ring* – Accessories De Darkana – Big Fat Ring – Silver and Black.

*Dress* – Apple May Designs – Lavish – Black – By Apple May (Marketplace) (Inworld Store)

*Hands* – Slink Mesh Hands – Casual – By Siddean Munro (Marketplace) (Inworld Store)

*Pose Prop* – Nightingales Sorrow Cage – Black – By Rogan Diesel (Marketplace) (Inworld Store)

 Keep up to date with the latest Diesel Works releases and freebies! 

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