♥ SL Pet Peeves Meme ♥

Morning one and all!

If most of you who read my blog or are on Plurk or game in Second Life, you will know of the fantasticle Strawberry Singh.

I have spoken about her in a previous post and just recently she has been doing another set of blogger challenges called “Meme’s” I decided to take part, I couldn’t help with starting with the Pet Peeves one.

I hope you enjoy and if you would also like to participate, go here and don’t be afraid to make your own. (Don’t forget to check out her awesome blog also!)

Pet Peeves

I’m going to go down in sequence, it keeps you all guessing 😛
Who knows maybe yours are the same.

 I would just like to add, I couldn’t stop at 5!

12. Particle Effects.
Not to be rude but these were BIG when I started Second Life, that was six and a half years ago! It’s completely understandable if you’ve just ventured into the world of SL and the first things you see are these “beautiful” sparkly effects that pop out of you 50,000 times a second just to make yourself look pretty…But with all do respect, people like myself do not appreciate them, they died in 2006 pretty much and in all honesty you look like an over-gay fairy. Once more people with not such a high rolling computer tend to experience lag.. It’s not a nice thing to go through. Why not invest in some big low laggy hair that way you can still stand out in the crowd without everyone judging what was killed years ago 😛

11. Morphs.
Like Strawberry and many other photographers, I dislike these too. As many state if that is your way of doing photography, go ahead! I just will not be one of those participating, I would rather find a pose similar and create it myself, that way I risk not being in trouble for taking an image that was not mine in the first place. In my honest opinion, Morphs are horrid, they make the avatar look disfigured and it just doesn’t look like it fits. However if you like it, have fun with it.

10. Talking objects.
Now I’m all for people experiencing things in SL like motherhood but the talking tummies really bug me, in Real Life you don’t hear how the baby is enjoying a burger, some people limit this which I am thankful for because they respect people and just want to enjoy it in a normal way but others than continuously click their tummy to be noticed.. Please do it somewhere less public.
Spankers… Once is enough! We don’t need spank spam.

9. Gestures.
As for Gesturbating as it’s called, I am sooo glad we can now have the option to disable them, they drove me crazy! I think in total I now have about 12 and I hardly use them unless I am really needed to host. People who constantly click them to spam chat… I would like to strangle you with the “active” button 😛

8. Griefers.
Seriously now, I know we pretty much get them everywhere but what is the actual point of making alt after alt just to walk into a club or shop naked to cause trouble? Asking people for sex or abusing them verbally, it’s seriously not getting you anywhere but a ban and to be honest you’re looking pretty damn stupid, I guess it’s a good thing no one can see your face.
Do people really get a sick joy out of dropping a thousand prim penises on a homestead that allows prims? You’re ruining people’s experiences. It rare you see people freaking out about it and to top it off, again, we now know how to get rid of them easily so yeah, another ban, another wasted alt on your part, please, get a LIFE.

7. Beggars.
This is a serious pet peeve for me, I have lost count how many times I have been standing in a shop and have someone IM me asking for Lindens, did you know it’s so easy to get a job in SL these days? I hear most clubs are practically begging for Dancers, I even think there are camping pads still.. Or did they die too? 😛
I hate saying no to people but sadly I have too.
Now of course if my friends are in need and I have it, it’s theirs but some random stranger, no thank you, you’re probably trying to make as much as you can, so you can take it over to your main. I probably love mesh just as much as you 😉

6. Profile Stalkers/ I never look!
I am at a bit of a loose end here as I get them both, alot of the time I get people who IM me to go spend time with them for a bit of “fun” If you bothered to look, I am partnered, he left SL now because I moved to be with him in Real Life, no he does not see everything because he works, but I am faithful and very much trusted, please respect that, I am not going to go anywhere with you especially if you’re telling me you could be better.
The most I can offer you is my friendship and even with your offers of sex, that is highly unlikely.
Now onto those who look just a little too much, not mentioning any names but I have a few stalkers who complain about not being in my pics or ask why there is a certain person in my pics or to still check if I am with my man, there’s nothing worse than seeing “So you’re still married?” That would be a yes but if you continue I will no longer be your friend, if you’re mine you should respect who I am with not try and change it, sadly there must be a reason I was never with you or we didn’t work out.

5. Empty Profiles.
This kind of ties in with the one before, I like to look at profiles myself, it gives me some sort of insight to the person I am talking to because usually it lists what they like or don’t and some have quotes which show me their personality, I find people interesting. Empty profiles just tell me that you’re there to cause trouble, especially if you’ve been active for over two years, I don’t want to associate with those kind of people.

4. Alts.
I have one other Avatar but that was mainly for picture taking or at one point being my bank, I rarely log her on anymore. Some of my friends have two also, their main and one for another thing they do, e.g dancing, photography, banker or DJing and that’s fine but those who have 5 – 10 different alts, pleeeeease stop! Instead of prettying up the 9 others you have, save the money for your main, of course it’s up to you what you do but I personally would rather not have 8 of your avatars on my list, to the point where I am confused as to who is who because I never see them, I don’t want to offend you as my friend by declining your friendship just because I already have so many of you.

3. Paragraphed emotes.
This one tickles my tummy, I started off as a Dancer in SL and boy have we advanced, a simple “Thank you” and a twirl on the pole would do the trick, now, oh Lord, I have recently been watching three to four paragraphs of sex text, there is nothing more of a turn off than having to read 7 mins of text where the avatars are practically doing the dirty right in front of you! I go there to enjoy time with my friends and to top it off, those poor dancers don’t catch a break, once one see’s it, he/she wants more attention than the last, so they tip bigger, which means… Yep a bigger emote! Which needs to be sectioned out because of chat in between, so it’s just spam after spam. I never read them… To me, they all sound the same.

2. Random Teleports.
Oh golly gosh, this is the second worst! It may not seem so to many but if you add me as a friend it’s usually because we’ve spoken in a place where I am working and you’re a colleague we’ve had a laugh and got on well while we’ve both attended that event or you’re just my friend in general. 9 times out of 10 it’s the people who I have just met who do this… Like I’ve said, we’ve spoken, now every time I see you come online I guarantee you’re going to send me a Mass TP I HATE these, no “Hi” or “How are you?” just a load of crap in my box about how awesome the DJ is! Ask first and maybe start with a little conversation, it might help with me answering you rather than a month later you ask “Why do you never come to my events?” Try talking first? Maybe if the place was such a success you wouldn’t need to mass tp so many people. I keep my list to a minimal as it is, sadly removing half the people is due to mass tpers.

And finally… Dun, dun, dun, daaaaah!

1. Cheats.
This one has to be number 1, SL has ruined so many relationships because of the way people can be. I’ve sadly experienced this once and for those who haven’t it’s not nice. To those of you who have had it more than once, I’m sorry. 😦
Now I am not going to be sexist here as I have seen it on equal parts, nor am I going to reveal any names (Although it could save alot of people heartache) but I know of a few people who IM others while they have partner names in their boxes and claim that they don’t love that person anymore or that person is their best friend, whatever the excuse, STOP! Alot of people forget that although this maybe one huge chat room to people, real people are behind their avatars, they create feelings just as easy, don’t toy with that. If you’re not happy, tell the person you are with, that way you’re free to do what you want, it’s not cool having to see you places with a different girl/guy each time and you feed me a different story because you’re scared I will go and rat you out, I won’t interfere but if your partner finds out and goes ape shit on you, don’t you think you were doing something wrong in the first place? Make up your damn mind! One of my closest friends goes through this every time they are with someone, the person turns out to be a liar, has multiple alts with different people, married, children but promises them the world.. I’m tired of it.
Now before I get too much into it, I have one more point to make…. If you’re with someone in RL you DO NOT need an SL partner, unless it is them, so many say “My Husband/Wife doesn’t mind, they understand” No! Do you think they would mind you going out in RL and bringing a man/woman home and saying “This is my new boyfriend/Girlfriend, is that okay?” Erm no, highly unlikely unless they’re are into that kinky stuff, I sure as hell know mine wouldn’t! What’s mine is my own. And finally, the one thing that gets to me out of all this is the “I love you” crap….Now, picture this, you’re with someone in RL that you love insanely, you go to bed with this person, wake up with this person, this person is the main priority in your life but then you log online and bam! The person who is your “everything” in SL gets the “I love you” treatment, it’s all over your Facebook  in your profile, you say it to them when you log out and all this time, your RL partner is sat next to you, watching you say this!? Where is the logic?! and I know this because you state in your Real Life tab that your partner see’s everything people say to you.. Hold on… He/She sees everything?! It would certainly make me question where our relationship stood, No way in hell would I watch the man I love repeatedly tell someone they loved them. “It’s just a game” Here’s a fun idea… STOP TOYING WITH PEOPLE’S EMOTIONS! It does not make you smart or an Adonis  it gives you a bad name and well I guess the only way to get rid of that is to?.. Yes create yet another alt! You always get found out anyway because you’re silly enough to hang with the same people again.

Whew… Sorry about the last one guys lol, I have held onto that for sooo long. To anyone I may offend I am sorry, yes it’s your life and no one knows about what Real Life partners agree too unless it’s yourself. It just irritates me. As you can see 🙂

With all that been said and I feel a little lighter, here are the credits!

*Hair* – [e] – Sound – Blonde 07 – Essential Collection – By Elikapeka Tiramisu *Edited in Photoshop to pull hair*

*Skin* –  Zoul Creations – Rosie 03 Beige – A – By Shantia Soulstar (Marketplace) (Inworld)

*Romper* –  Hucci – Veracruz Romper – Wild Pink – *Mesh* By Eboni Khan (Collarbor 88)

*Hands* –  Slink –  Mesh Hands – Fists – By Siddean Munro (Marketplace) (Inworld)



    #1 Why on earth did you never tell me about how annoyed you are with spanker’s? I would over-zealously use my spanker! lol
    #2 I agree that having a lot of alts is stupid, lol, but I for one, with this experience, can say that all of my alts were used for camping and only once did I purposely use an alt or two for a friend. ;P hehe
    #3 Holy Mother Teresa! I am married in rl but back then he was out cheating on me and so I found someone (well a few, one turned out to be a liar and were younger than I was told , etc…!!) but I made sure to tell the person I was to hook up with in SL my situation in life.

    I think overall, communication is key!!!! Emotions are real and if communication isn’t open, then out come lies, deceit, and who knows what else!

    …and with that, I loved reading your blog and love you my forever-after sister! Well done! Love, love, love when you speak your mind! Thou shalt not hold it in with muah!!! NO NO!!! Always speak your mind. be true to who you are. Spit it out. Don’t worry about hurting anyone’s feelings because if they are hurt then it is obvious your truth has spat them in the reality plate as a big giant “DUH!”

    Peace and love babe-ay! Bomchicawawa!!!!
    Leah Rosca ~ Mechelle 🙂 ♥

    • Hahahaha somehow I knew if you were to comment you would say that, I understand you completely about #3 that’s what people do when they feel unloved, they stray. I am specifially talking about those who claim to be happy but have 3 or 4 women on the go at once telling them the same thing. Players, I hate them 😛
      I love you too and I love that you love what I say… That’s alot of love! LOL

      ♥ ♥ ♥

  2. Hahaha I could not resist, six years is a long time so I guess it all adds up :P. I’m glad I could make you laugh Berry. It’s my pleasure to have been able to join in, I’m working on the others now 😀 ♥

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