♥ Then come the wild weather, come sleet or come snow, we will stand by each other, however it blows. ♥

Morning all,

Last night I think we finally hit the minuses because this morning is crazy, crazy cold with what appears to be ice, although that is what I am most certain I heard the Mr. scraping of his car this morning. Now I am REALLY missing the Summer.

When I was younger my mum would beg and plead for me to put on a coat as for some reason I did not feel the cold, I was barely covered, even in Winter, so now that could mean one of two things, one I am getting old before my time or two I’m old already 😛 now it seems no matter what I put on I am still shivering some what, so I will admit, right now I have on my PJ’s, Dressing gown and snuggy draped over my shoulders with the heating on full. I am not completely toasted yet but it’s getting there. 😀 Touch wood I have not gotten a cold yet but there is still time. :-S

So onto the picture, I was asked to join the Season of Giving event as a blogger which I could not turn down even with a heavy blog load, well because it’s the season of giving isn’t it? And I like to give out my what some would call “Blogging talent” lol although I know of many others I would have chosen over me but that is mainly because I always overlook what I am capable of but don’t get me wrong I truly love blogging I just don’t think my pictures are always up to standard, however I will say that I am “getting there” like this one you will see below, I could not believe my eyes with the outcome, it was my absolute favorite in a very long time and the amount of likes I got for it on my Flickr was absolutely overwhelming, so thank you to each and everyone who took the time out to do that. ♥

I had picked Keira up from Nursery and we had decided to go the scenic route because it had been snowing and she seemed like she wanted to explore. I was just praying I wasn’t going to slip in my new boots and although as much as I love to hear my Daughter laugh falling on my arse is an absolute no no :P.

If you have not been to this sim before you really must before the Winter is over, it looks absolutely beautiful covered in snow and it decorated wonderfully.

And if you’re super lucky like we were you will be able to get real close to a reindeer!Untitled

Of course Keira wanted to get as close as possible but I managed to grab her just in time.

Oh! My coat is also at the Season of Giving event and I think the other colour there was red, I guess you will have to go see incase I got it wrong 😛

My hair is a brand new style from Tameless too, I am wearing the natural hairstyle and decided to go red for once, weird! 😀

I am rambling on again so I am going to stop here and give you some credits before I do I will post my final picture for this post. This is the one I got the most likes for on Flickr, I was so proud of it I even made it my Desktop background.. Lol.

It was special to me in many ways as at the time I was explaining to Keira about Santa and you could just see the amazement in her face. Her eyes lighting up as she nods and like most of us did as a child believes in something so magical that it gives the moodiest, coldest person a prickle of a warm feeling inside.Then come the wild weather, come sleet or come snow, we will stand by each other, however it blow.

Christmas is a magical time though isn’t it?..

Wrap up my loves, it’s a cold one.

Until next time. ♥


*Hair* – [e] – Rumor – Brown 01 – By Elikapeka Tiramisu
Marketplace Inworld

*Earmuffs* – .Click. – Stitched Heart Earmuffs – Pink *Mesh* – By Gracie Breuer *Gacha*
Marketplace Inworld

*Mittens* -.Click. – Stitched Heart Mittens on a String – Green *Mesh* – By Gracie Breuer *Gacha*

*Panda Outfit* – The Blossom – Happy Panda – By Minako Faith

*Boots* – Baby Pie – Winter Boot Fat Pack – Pink – By Gabrielle Gregory
Marketplace Inworld

*Poses*(1st pic) – .Click. – Walk – By Gracie Breuer


*Skin* – Zoul Creations – Abi – Tone 1 – By Shantia Soulstar
Marketplace Inworld

*Hands* – Slink – Casual Hands *Mesh* – By Siddean Munro

*Hair* – Tameless– Bella – Naturals (Hud) – By Nita Bracken*NEW*

*Nail Enhancers* – Hello Dave – Autumn Matte – 18 – By Maia Gasparini *NEW*

*Coat* – DG Designs – Classic Princess Coat *Mesh* – By Diaphoni Galicia*NEW@SEASON OF GIVING*

*Shoes* – {REALIZM} – Anais Boots – Taube – By Realizm *NEW@SEASON OF GIVING*

The Trace

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