♥ An artist has no home in Europe except in Paris ♥

Evening 🙂

I really couldn’t wait to get this post out as for the first time in a LONG time I actually did a headshot that I am so proud of, haha the small things eh?

Anyhowser before I show that off I want you to see this gorgeous set available at TLC from Pixel Mode, Josephine..

Tya has done it again and thrown us bloggers (and of course you guys who purchase her amazing items) with this stunning 5 piece set, 100% Mesh and you can buy the entire set or in pieces, all animations have been updated and both Adult and PG versions are included 🙂 So if you are like me all sweet and innocent then you know which one to settle for 😛

Absolutely stunning and it really brings out the feel of being in Paris even though I was in my own room at the time, so it’s perfect if you just want to imagine yourself somewhere else or to add elegance to your room. I recommend this set one million times over.♥ An artist has no home in Europe except in Paris. ♥

I also want to thank Johnny Hardstone of  ~JoHaDeZ~ for allowing me the privilege to blog for him also, I put in a couple of his items in this picture, the dream fireplace and the globe, they are 100% mesh and wonderfully detailed, I will get round to doing another picture focused on these items as the fireplace comes with many poses for both single and couple avatars, so if you want these also to add some little details to your rooms, the links to his store will be at the end of this post along with everything else in the picture.
Thanks Johnny!

Now I cannot help but have a little bit of pride in this picture, I managed to just shoot a shot without putting too much thought into it.. I do that alot, I over think so much and it can take me an entire day just to decide on what to create and even then it may not even be decided and I try the next, some people call it bloggers block or block of any kind, I usually just say my brain pooped 😛
But not today!

It’s probably not much to look at as of course I did not paint the hair myself (Although one day I will get there) I did however soften the hair to remove the rough edges that second life so lovingly gives and of course added my own little touch to the photo. I will however admit that it did take me 3 hours to decide on a background haha.
So without further ramblings, here’s the final image,  I hope to make more like this soon but first I must get my posts down to a minimal! 🙂
I hope you like it 🙂♥ Remember that night in Paris my darling? ♥

I hope you enjoyed my post and as I said I with throw the credits down, so here they are.
Have a great night my darlings!


*House* – Roost – Bella Vista *MESH* – By RoostHomes
Marketplace Inworld 

*Bed, Bedside Tables, Paris Picture and Lamps*
Pixel Mode – Josephine Bed Set – *MESH* – Tya Fallingbridge *NEW @TLC*
Marketplace Inworld TLC

*Covered Picture* – Apple Fall – New Arrival Painting*MESH* *Gacha*
*Mirror* – Apple Fall – Ornate Mirror *MESH*
*Books* – Apple Fall – Reading Pile *MESH* *Gacha*
– By warehousefifteendesigns

*Fireplace* – -JoHaDeZ- Dream *MESH*
*Globe* – -JoHaDeZ- Old Globe *MESH*
– By Johnny Hardstone

*Bowls* – Dutchie -Tibetan Singing Bowls
*Incense* – Dutchie – Incense Stick
– By Froukje Hoorenbeek

*Typewriter* – Floorplan – Turquoise Typewriter *MESH* – By Tegan Serin *Gacha*
Marketplace Inworld

*Letters* – TA – Bohemian Letters *MESH*– By Nico Griffith

*Phone* – Olive Juice – Phone 3 – By Isabellagrace Baroque


*Skin* – .::Wow Skins::. – Melodia – Milk 01 A – By Sawsan Secretspy *NEW*
Marketplace Inworld

*Hands* – Slink – Elegant Hands *MESH*
*Feet* – Slink – Flat Feet *MESH*
– By Siddean Munro
Marketplace Inworld

*Hair* – Milana – Mint – Ginger *MESH* – By Asuka Martin *Hair Fair*

*Shirt* – Mr. Poet – Loose Shirt – White – By Hiwinyu Fazuku

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