♥ Affairs Of The Heart ♥

Ever find yourself pulling out the old memory box and looking at all the letters and photo’s you’ve been given?
I found myself doing that today…
It’s always nice to revisit old memories, have a laugh with yourself over the goofy stuff you did or possibly even shed a tear for the times that were there once and now have gone.
I start to wonder if I will ever get those times back, or is it just too late?…

Where did the time go?
Friends that you once laughed with and spent more time around than anyone else, just gone.
Granted everyone has to grow up, although my inner child is still very much alive in me, I miss the times where I had no worries.
Days I would wake up without a care in the world and be able to smile at the sunshine that would glare through my window and not have to worry how the day is going to turn out or who to avoid because their mood stinks.
So reading old letters and photographs really help ease my soul at times, what helps you get through it?
Is there something you would change? Would you give anything to get your past or childhood back?
Feel free to comment or write a post back to me, I’d love to hear it.Affairs of the heart

I’ll just take the time here to talk about some of the items in this image, some new releases, some old but I insist you get them 😀

First the Shy Bed from JoHaDeZ, I am in love with this it’s textured and made perfectly, it is texture menu scripted  which includes 8 fabrics and also 6 textures for each pillow, to get the menu simply touch the front pillow.
That is not all it will also sit three avatars at one time 3×14 stylish single sits, 14 loungy couples & 8 supercute threesome cuddle animations! A total of just 8LI for the bed, there is also and adult version available.

The clock is one of the latest releases from Alouette and can be purchased in 5 wood colours, there is also a fabrics version which I will be showing off in another post.  The clock actually tells the time too! It’s out now for Lazy Sunday.

Plethora is becoming huge in SL. If you haven’t heard of it please vacate from the rock you are living under because you’re seriously missing out 😛  That’s where you can find these Fan Mail letters (Which come in 4 stacks) along with a mass amount of other cool stuff and gadgets 😀



*Skin* – .::Wow Skins::. – Aurora – Tan – By Sawsan Secretspy *NEW@UNIQUE VARIED*
MarketplaceInworldUnique Varied

*Hands* – Slink – Elegant1 Hands *MESH*
*Feet* – Slink – Flat Feet *MESH*
– By Siddean Munro
Marketplace Inworld

*Nails (Slink Enhancement)* – Hello Dave – Autumn Shine – 29 – By Maia Gasparini *NEW*
Marketplace Inworld

*Hair* – eXxEsS – Laima – Blonde *MESH* – By Layja Vidor
Marketplace – Inworld

*Sweater* – Cold Logic – Lovern – Cream *MESH* – By ColdLogic
Marketplace Inworld

*Leggings* – RIR Life – Knit Leggings – Black *MESH* – By Relitha Byron

Scene Credits

*Table* – Molichino – Long Wooden Sideboard *MESH* – By Aurelia Chauveau
Marketplace Inworld

*Clock* – Alouette – Table Clock – Dark Wood *MESH* – By Scarlet Chandrayaan

*Apple Fall*
*Mirror* – Ornate Mirror *MESH*
*Paintings* – New Arrival Painting *MESH* *Gacha*
*Laptop* – Air Notebook
*Chinese* – Chinese (Rez) *Group Gift*
– By Apple Fall
Marketplace Inworld

Old Globe *MESH*
Day Bed – Shy *MESH*
– By John2010 Dexler
Marketplace Inworld

Vintage Recordplayer *MESH* *Gacha*
Notebook Clutter *MESH*
– By Tegan Serin
Marketplace Inworld

*Letters* – Plethora – Fan Mail Stack *MESH* – By Plehtorasl
Marketplace Inworld

*Fortune* – MishMish – Fortune Teller – Aries & Virgo *MESH* – By Aime Takaaki *SEPT GACHA*
Marketplace Inworld The Arcade

Flying Curtains *MESH*
Flying Paper *MESH*
– By Isabeau Baragula

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