♥ How to marry a Millionaire ♥

Good evening 🙂

Excuse my excitement if you can hear it through my writing or the amount of exclamation marks that I use but I just couldn’t wait to get this post out to you because I am just in love with this dress and not just because it’s pink… Although that is an added bonus for sure! But because I genuinely love it.
It’s brand new from Rebel Hope and will be available at My Attic for the How to marry a millionaire, the dress comes in 5 colours, standard sizing & fitted mesh, which is the one I am wearing.
I have a preview of the front and back because well… It’s needed!Rebel Hope - How to marry a Millionaire

How gorgeous is this?? I actually felt like a million dollars just wearing it, it did get a bit chilly so I thought it would be best to take it off, I will most probably wear it while safe in the house, like vacuuming or something 😛
I love the detail around the waist, it holds my tummy in and my boobies up! Lol, I just felt the need to say that.
How to marry a Millionaire

And of course a view from the back, look at that cutesy little bow!
I can’t express how much I love this dress.
Would it be a crime to wear each colour to a different event? I mean it’s of course wearing the same dress but if it’s a different colour that shouldn’t be breaking any “girl code” rules right…? Let me know about this, I’m clueless! Lol.Rebel Hope - How to marry a Millionaire

And finally a closeup.
I loved how this image turned out, I feel I am getting somewhat better with my Photoshop skills, far more better than I was over a year ago anyway.

I also have to tell you about this gorgeous sim, now I didn’t take any actual photographs of it, nope I am leaving all that to you to go and explore.
It’s very rare I write about a Sim but this took my breath away, I am so ready for winter after visiting here. I believe this sim really helped bring my images to life.
They have a gorgeous little town there too with a huge christmas tree, a church, houses. omg I am spoiling it! Please, please go visit and if you do take any photo’s please add them to the flickr. I definitely will be going back before the snow clears.

The skin that you see me wearing is also brand new from Wow Skins and now available at Designer Circle available in four tones, with appliers for Slink Physique, Hands and Feet.
Wowmeh body appliers, *KL*, Banned, Phat Azz, [uL] and Lola Tango.

So I shall let you marvel in all that is The Dress until you are ready to scroll down to find out a bit more info on Rebel Hope that you might want to jot down.

Ready? Okay, proceed.

You can find all details on Rebel’s new releases on her webpage here
Or like her Facebook Group here.

You can buy all her wonderful clothing and shoes and any other items here and here 😀

Add her on twitter to be nosy and tweet her back here

Perve more releases here on Flickr!

Add her as a friend here on Plurk just try not to stalk her too much 😛

And finally before I roll the credits, I just wanted to show off the shoes I have on, now I know they’re an old release but they are still very much a favorite of mine, they are from Gos Boutique of course and one of the great features about these is that they come with a HUD that will allow you to match them with skins that skin creators have given them, it’s like having an applier without it cluttering up your inventory!

I am probably going on about nothing because you all know about Gos right?
If not, you need to move out from under that rock, there is just too much amazingness out here! 😀 If you’re unsure, scroll to the top…observe… scroll down… drool at shoes.. read credits, SHOP! 😀 All is well in Second Life again.

See you tomorrow! ♥

*Skin* – Wow Skins – Jayma – Tan – By Sawsan Secretspy *NEW@ Designer Circle*

*Hands* – Slink – Elegant *MESH* – By Siddean Munro

*Nails* – Hello Dave – Party Season Gloss – 31 – By Maia Gasparini *NEW*
Marketplace Inworld

Jewelry – GizzA – Pearl Set – Silver – By Giz Seorn

*Hair* – Catwa – Elsa – Blonde *MESH* – By Catwa Clip
Marketplace Inworld

*Outfit* – Rebel Hope – My Attic Mesh Dress – Pink *MESH* – By Rebel Hope *NEW@My Attic*
MarketplaceInworld My Attic

*Shoes* – Gos – Eva Slingback – Baby Pink *MESH* – By Gospel Voom

Never Ending

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