♥ Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful. ♥

I honestly have no clue what to write with this post, because this picture just calms me staring at it.. Knowing that Chritmas is now only 3 days away.
I am not one for the Winter but I do love when Christmas it’s this close, I never needed an excuse to play Christmas songs in my ears obviously because no one knew but as it goes and those who know me, know that I am the biggest child, give me a bouncy castle or a quilt to slide down the stairs with and I am instantly five again.
♥ Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful. ♥

I have many fond memories of Christmas and some not so great, however not to ruin this festive moment we are sharing together 😛 I will keep them for another time.
When we have at least an abundance of milk and cookies in case I bore you to death, lol.

So lets quickly talk about the gorgeous items here, we are featuring, Pixel Mode, Plethora, Trompe Loeil and Alouette I wont go into too much about how I love their stores because if you read back on my numerous posts you will see it all there already and I don’t want to be known as the blogger who repeats herself 😛 or kisses bum-bum, especially without mistletoe. 😉

I will start with Alouette, I know I showed you this gacha paper village in a previous post but I am so in love with it, as simple as it is, it’s so beautiful, so amazingly done, as I said before there are no rares and to be honest I wouldn’t mind all the doubles because you can do so much with them, just keep rezzing, before you know it you can create a whole town or little village.
Next are the present’s, I know I have searched over the Marketplace for gift boxes and I couldn’t find any as good as these and I know there are ones available at The Arcade in which you would have to pay for in hope you get them but the best part about Alouette’s boxes, they are transfer! I personally don’t want to part with them because they are so nice, I don’t think it would be right saying to the person I gave a gift too “Hi I hope you like your present but can I have the box back when you’re done?” Can you imagine that with wrapping paper?… Then again my mum used to try make us unwrap our presents slowly so she could fold and save the wrapping paper LOL but us being kids we tore that shit open! These boxes are now available at the store, they were called set 1 which looks to me like they will be continued 😛 mine will have dust on them as I plan on keeping them for a VERY long time. Please visit Alouette if you haven’t she has so many amazing things for your home as well as for your children, all that could make for some great Christmas presents!

Okay so Trompe and her daybed! Seriously, you need to see this yourself, preferably in your home.  Includes two daybed models with or without the drape toss with five, FIVE velvet colour options for the cushions, twelve (good lord) drape texture options, PG & Adult maturities available with tons of animations, and optional AO Map Pack so you can customize each part so you get to make your mark on it as yours! This is new at C88 for only 88L! Can you believe that? I couldn’t, something so finely detailed as this at such a small price, Cory you should be sued 😛 but if we do that she might not be able to make any more things, so no, just buy and love! 😀 I feel like a drug pusher at this point, non the less, BUY BUY BUY! >:)

Some sad news as I announce this, Plethora will be taking a break next year for a little bit, which saddens me because I love his little knick knacks, they always seem to fit into wherever I am decorating.  However it’s not all bad because in the meantime he will still be releasing so please show your support by visiting his store and events. I will miss you Plethora and thank you!
This set is available at TLC and comes with a total of 9 pieces which are only available for individual purchase during the event and once the event is over the full set will only be available on the Marketplace or Inworld. Each piece is either 50L or 75L each and once the full set is available it will be 350L.
Snowflake Wall Shelf – 1 land impact. (5-texture touch cycle)
Wood Blocks – 1 land impact each. (Set of 2)
Counting Snowflakes – 2 land impact each. (Ceiling décor)
Snowflake Clock – 3 land impact. (Time adjustable with daylight savings mode, 6-texture menu-driven change)
Snowflake End Tables – 1 land impact each. (Set of 3 styles, 4-texture touch cycle)
Snowflake Wine Rack – 1 land impact. (4-texture touch cycle)

And last but not least by far, Pixel Mode, I have had the joy of blogging for Tya for the duration of 2 years that I have been blogging and her items just keep getting better and better, so much so that my mind goes blank because I just don’t know what to do! They mesmerize me to a point where I feel hopeless because I want to show whatever it may be off to it’s fullest, I feel this picture has done these items some justice. You can buy them as a set or individually.
Available now at TLC and includes:
Nativity – 4LI (4 texture change options)
Fireplace – 6LI
Berries in a Can – 3LI
Sled with Logs – 3LI
Candle – 1LI

That is not all though, there is also a gacha there 🙂

Pixel Mode - Stocking Gacha

Stocking are Mod/Transfer and just 25L to play.
Can you get your own initial? 🙂

*Trompe Loeil*
*House* – Willoughby Lakehouse – Cool *MESH*
*Day Bed* – Snow Day Bed White + Drape PG *MESH/NEW@C88*
– By Cory Edo
Marketplace InworldC88

*Paper Village* – Paper Village Set *MESH/GACHA*
*Gift Boxes* – Gift Boxes Set 1 *MESH*
*Woodland Picture* – Woodland Wall Décor *MESH*
– By Scarlet Chandrayaan
MarketplaceInworld – TLC

*Blocks 1* – Let It Snow Wood Blocks  *MESH/NEW*
*Blocks 2* – Silent Night Wood Blocks *MESH/NEW*
*Clock* – Snowflake Clock *MESH/NEW*
*Snowflakes Light* – Counting Snowflakes  *MESH/NEW*
*Rack* – Snowflake Wine Rack *MESH/NEW*
*Table* – Snowflake End Table – C *MESH/NEW*
All part of the Snowflake Set
*Bunny* – Frosted Bunny Lamp *MESH/NEW*
By Plethorasl *NEW@TLC*

*Fire/Logs/Candles/Plant &Nativity* – Pixel Mode – White Christmas Set *MESH*
– By Tya Fallingbridge *NEW@TLC*

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