♥ He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree. ♥

I would like to take time on this post to do nothing more than to wish you a very happy Christmas, whether you be alone in front of the T.V with tea and Christmas cookies, or an loving and warm setting with your partner either together or with your wonderful children or by being surrounded by your families.
I wish you a day full of laughter and happy memories, gifts and plates full of turkey 😛

♥ He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree. ♥

To my wonderful friends, thank you for continuing to be there for me no matter what, you’ve helped me continue with many things I could just have given up on.
I love you.

To the people who continue to support me by doing the small things like reading my blog’s or taking the time out to favourite my pictures, thank you. It means so much.

To the creators who continue to put their faith in me, no matter how long it takes me to get a post out, thank you so much, it’s both an honour and pleasure to blog for you.

To my children and Ed, I love you more than I could ever write here.
My Children for at times driving me insane, I love you with all my heart and soul, can’t wait to see your faces on Christmas Day.
To my darling boyfriend, I am lucky to have you, thank you for being my on going support for these last 4 years. Words are not enough.
Merry Christmas my love. ♥

So, whatever you are doing this year.
Merry Christmas my darlings and the most wonderful New Year.

*House* – Trompe Loeil – Willoughby Lakehouse – Cool *MESH* – By Cory Edo

*Candles* – Bazar – Toronto Living Room Set – Wire candlesticks *MESH*
*Rug* – Toronto Living Room Set – Rug *MESH*
– By Ria Bazar
Marketplace Inworld

*Calendar* – Alouette – Christmas Countdown Sign *MESH*
*Carousel* – Alouette – Woodland Candle Carousel Fan *MESH*
– By Scarlet Chandrayaan
Marketplace Inworld

*Snow Globe* – *MishMish* – Penguin Gacha – Snowglobe A *MESH*– Aime Takaaki
Marketplace Inworld

*Chimes* – LAQ Decor – Angel Chimes *MESH* – By Winter DiPrima

*Fireplace* – Aphrodite – Santa Fireplace *MESH* – By Jaylin Whitewood *NEW*

*Presents* – Second Spaces – Wrap It Up – Ready To Give *MESH/NEW@THE ARCADE*
*Cards* – Second Spaces – Holiday Cards *MESH/NEW*
– By Elle Kirshner
MarketplaceInworld The Arcade

*Tree* – Apple Fall – Christmas Tree *RARE/MESH* – By Warehousedesigns

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