♥ Cross the meadow and the stream and listen as the peaceful water brings peace upon your soul. ♥

I had the pleasure of collaborating with the extremely talented Maya (Foxx Pawpad) for the new release of Eudora3D which is available now at the latest round of Uber.
It’s always fun to shoot with her, she is so talented and sweet and has helped me out with so much with my editing, I’m so grateful and cannot wait for our next session together. 😀

Cross the meadow and the stream and listen as the peaceful water brings peace upon your soul.

I am not one for creating my own backgrounds as I always found it somewhat daunting, like I didn’t know what I was doing but slowly and with the help of Maya I am slowly picking this up.
I even went as far as adding a little fairy in the jar! 😛

To take a look at Maya’s breath-taking work please visit either her blog  StyleQu0tient or her Flickr.

This choker is an old release from MG but I still love it non the less, it comes included in an entire set which includes:
Ananya Headdress
Ananya Choker
Ananya Earrings
White, red and black pearl version are included with gold setting

All parts are modify /copy and the headdress is a linked group with separate left and right sides to make fitting easier when wearing with different hairstyles, so you always look perfect!
I adore her jewellery so much and unless I am given jewellery to blog, Maxi’s is the only one I will wear and look forward to blogging more of her gorgeous items in the future.

We’re both wearing the Isabella Corset, which is a 3 piece set in 5 standard mesh sizes and comes with HUDs that allows you to change all pieces of the corset, top, skirt and belt those include:
8 Skirt belt options
8 Skirt options
8 Top options
16 Straps options
16 Corset options
2 Metal options
All changeable by HUD’s
I loved so many things about this corset especially the ability to be able to change every aspect of the it, I love to mix and match and this gorgeous outfit gives you all of that plus it was able to fit nicely over my slink  mesh body 😀 One of my favourite outfits to date.

I also took a close-up as my original idea was also to capture a closer image of the headband
Eight colours to choose from with 2 metal options. It’s unrigged mesh and you can resize to fit.

The skin is also new from Wow Skins and once again I decided to wear the mesh head over it, I love that Wow Skins has appliers for this, in which she has also released appliers for the new Maitreya Mesh Body earlier today.
The skin again comes in all tones with all appliers that are needed.



I’m really proud of this image. I finally feel I am getting somewhere. 🙂
Anyway I will stop with my rambling as I have been trying to get this out all day lol.

*Skin* – Wow Skins – Vivy – Milk – By Sawsan Secretspy *NEW@Designer Circle*
MarketplaceInworld DC

*Hands* – Slink – Elegant *MESH*
*Feet* – Slink – Med *MESH*
*Body* – Slink – Physique *MESH*
*Head* – Slink Visage – Emma *MESH* 
– By Siddean Munro
Marketplace Inworld

*Nails* – Hello Dave – Frosticles – 20 – By Maia Gasparini
Marketplace Inworld

*Hair* – eXxEsS – Indra – Golden Glaze *MESH* – By Layja Vidor
Marketplace Inworld

*Choker* – MG – Ananya Choker – White Pearls *MESH* – By Maxi Gossamer

*Corset* – Eudora 3D – Isabella Corset – White/Gold *MESH* – By Eudora3D *NEW@Uber*

*Headpiece* – Eudora 3D – Isabella – White/Gold *MESH* – By Eudora3D *NEW@Uber*

Please don’t forget to check out Maya’s blog post here for this post if you want to see her credits or any other credits from her amazing pictures.

Thanks for posing with me lady!
And thank you to you guys for taking the time out to read or like my blog/pictures.


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