♥ It’s like going back to school. You know, autumn! Time for ‘Harry Potter’. ♥

When I was young my mum always told me “School is the best years of your life”.. Yeah I never understood why, I mean who doesn’t like to hang out with their friends and get a decent education but no offence my school just didn’t provide that, I was a good girl up until year 10 when I would rather jump the school fence with a bunch of friends and just go to the park, no I wasn’t in a bad crowd where they did drugs or cause problems, we just hated the school we were in so we would leave at the first chance.
Now… Yes I would go back, in fact  I would do it all again given the chance but this time push myself to do much harder, I am not stupid in the slightest possible way, I learned all I felt I had to but unfortunately I did not get to complete my GCSE’s (Yep I just shared a personal part of my life) I do have alot of regrets in my life, SO many in fact it would take more than one day for you to read it I’m sure, so we will save that for another time… OR! You could always buy my book if it ever is to be published 😛

♥ It's like going back to school. You know, autumn! Time for 'Harry Potter'. ♥

So lets move to why I am actually blogging today lol.
GizzA, released a new dress this week which is intended for the inner geek in you, so I read 😛
The dress comes in 6 colours and there is a demo also available so please try that first.
There is also an attachable ribbon, which as you will see in my pictures I forgot to attach because I am such a rebel 😉 ♥ It's like going back to school. You know, autumn! Time for 'Harry Potter'. ♥

The boots are also a new gacha from GizzA that are available in the Main store and you can try your luck for all 12 colours.

The skin is also a new release for this months The Makeover Room, it comes in one tone and the slink hands and feet appliers are included.

I had to take a full shot of the classroom too

The Classroom

I saw this on Inventory Mess’ Flickr and instantly IM’ed her for the location.
The place is owned and decorated beautifully by Inkie Loudwater, with so many beautiful spots you can take pictures in, it’s perfect especially if you have hardly any furniture to rez and want to do a picture, she literally has a spot filled with furniture and little knick knacks, which are perfect for pictures.

And finally Strawberry Singh decided to bring back her Monday Meme’s and the latest one is the “Second Life Yearbook Smile Challenge” and so I decided to do one using my outfit I wore, the challenge couldn’t have come at a better time, lol.

Second Life Yearbook Smile Challenge!

You can also participate in this meme and add your pics to the Flickr groups, one for the Yearbook Photo’s and one for the Meme Pool.
Strawberry has asked if anyone who likes to mass group in Flickr, can you please leave the Yearbook group once you have submitted your entry as spamming them with images other than that is very time consuming to clean up, I should know as I have to do it for my pose group lol.

You can also do other Meme’s by Strawberry at any time, you can go here and look at the list and do them as you wish.

*Skin* – Style by Kira – Vivica – 01C – By Kira Paderborn *NEW@ The Makeover Room*
Marketplace InworldTMR

*Teeth* (In headshot) – PXL – Open Mouth Pro – By Hart Larsson
Marketplace Inworld

*Hands* – Slink – Elegant *MESH* – By Siddean Munro

*Nails* – Hello Dave – Frosticles – 12 – By Maia Gasparini *NEW*

*Rings* – Izzies – Midi Rings – Silver *MESH* – By Izzie Button *NEW@My Slink Obsession*

*Hair* – Lelutka – Cristal – Blonde *MESH* – By Thora Charron

*Socks* – Muka – Thigh Socks *MESH* – White – By Muka Release

*Dress* – GizzA – Emily Dress – Black/Beige *MESH/NEW*
*Bag* – GizzA – Soho Tote Bag – Camel *MESH*
*Boots* – GizzA – Pop Boots – Black *MESH/NEW GACHA*
– By Giz Seorn

Beautiful 4 Seasons

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