♥ A woman should be two things: Classy and Fabulous ♥

Hey loves,
Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend so far, I myself have been decorating with some pretties below.

A woman should be two things: Classy and Fabulous

 There’s quite a few events going on now, one being Uber and Pixel Mode took part in it again this month by releasing Sable, it’s a vanity set,  the chair includes 7 animations and 12 texture change options and the vanity table  is available in 3 versions, Black, Walnut and Antique White, I went for white and cream because well with having children in RL it’s almost impossible to have anything like that here without the kids getting their hands on it :P.
Sadly I did not take any pictures using the animations, mainly because I wanted to show it off how it looks, however the animations are quite feminine , my favourite was the “brushing hair” one but you can play around with them of course.

Next are a few new items from Alouette, the standing mirror, room divider and book clock.
The book clock I found so fascinating because the clock works with RL time and rather than it just have text floating about it, the hands also change on the clock and you can choose from 8 different textures.

The room divider is available at The Neighbourhood, 8 fabrics to choose from also and you can add your own photo’s to it 😀

And finally, the standing mirror is new out at TLC – 8 wood textures to choose from with a land impact of 3.

Sorry for the quick post guys but I wanted to get this out to you 🙂
Happy shopping!

 Scene Credits
*House* – The Cordelia House *MESH*
*Clock* – Repurposed Book Clock – Vintage *MESH/NEW@FLF*
*Divider* – Photo Frame Room Divider – Fabrics *MESH/NEW*
*Mirror* – Antoinette Floor Length Mirror *MESH/NEW@TLC*
*Box* – Monogrammed Keepsake Box – P *MESH*
– By Scarlet Chandrayaan

Pixel Mode
*Vanity* – Sable Vanity Table – Antique White *MESH/NEW@UBER*
*Bed* – Derby Bed – Adult *MESH*
*Rack* – Wire Form Rack – Black *MESH*
*Lamp* – Flower Wire Floor Light *MESH*
*Chandelier* – Long – White *MESH*
– By Tya Fallingbridge

Tres Blah
*Nail Polish* – Vanity – Nail Polishes *MESH/GACHA*
*Jewelery* – Vanity – Platter of Treasures *MESH/GACHA*
*Radio* – Bon Voyage – Clock Radio – Pink *MESH/GACHA*
– By Julliette Westerburg

*Bra* – Sway’s – Neal Bra *MESH* – By Sway Dench

*Shoes* – Eudora 3D – Jenn Pumps – Black *MESH* – By Eudora3D
Marketplace Inworld

*Bear* – !Ohmai – Beary Lurvin – By Anya Ohmai
(Part of an old event)

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