♥ I dont expect everything handed to me…. Just set it down wherever :-P ♥

Lol I am not really that much of a spoilt brat…….Am I? I don’t know but if you’re short on ideas for like my birthday, Christmas, made up celebrations that you want to use in order to make me smile on a daily basis I am open to shoes, lots of shoes because well lets just pretend I don’t have nearly enough. 😉
Speaking of shoes, the ones you see below are one of the newest releases from Eudora 3D 😀 I must admit I had no idea on how to show them off, alot of the time I question myself when it comes to footwear because I want you guys to be able to see the quality and any patterns or texture that may be on them very clearly.
So my mind is always doing somersaults, so seeing as these shoes have a vintage pin up pattern to it, I figured why not?
I just forgot to add the tattoo’s! They’re not something I normally wear so in all honesty my mind slipped a bit on that one.
Hahaha, imagine if you could use Tattoo’s as an accessory.. “Oh no darling, not the Tweety one, I am feeling extra bitchy today” Yeah – See I randomly go on about shit, you should hear me talking to myself o.o.. Or not.

So yeah shoes.
I had no idea what kind of photo to take, then a little light bulb started flickering and it hit me, why not do something vintage and show a bit o leg, so I did!
I took myself into Qavimator and made this pose,  I think it shows off the shoes perfectly and yes it will be up for sale in the store 😀

I dont expect everything handed to me.... Just set it down wherever :-P

On the subject of legs and with SL and it’s way of being able to make you taller or shorter I was with my friend Rah last night doing some shots for poses and he told me, nicely, lol that I was incredibly tall.. I didn’t realise how tall until I stood next to him, omg I was like a freaking amazon woman!

So with thanks to him I took my height right down, firstly I was kind of uncomfortable with it, I have been so used to being tall all these years I am 5ft 7″ in Real Life, so I wanted something different, turns out men are also intimated by tall women in game too 😛
So thanks Rah, we now look even more mischievous being closer to height… I just hope you find another way to jump over the walls now that you cant use me 😛

Eudora 3D PinupPumps (Slink High) Main Pic


So these little beauties can be found at Kustom 9 they are also materials enabled.
You get a HUD that also allows you to choose from 6 colour options in the fatpack and you can buy the single colours separately for just 199L.
I love them and think they really helped to inspire my picture, which is a first lol I am usually over thinking, really, less is more.

*Skin* – Wow Skins – Monica – Milk 01 – By Sawsan Secretspy (Lips edited in PS)

*Hands* – Slink – Elegant *MESH*
*Head* – Slink Visage – Emma *MESH*
*Feet* – Slink – High *MESH*
*Body* – Slink – Physique *MESH*
– By Siddean Munro
Marketplace Inworld

*Nails* – Hello Dave – New Season Berry Gloss – 14 – By Maia Gasparini *NEW*

*Hair* – Argrace – Akane – Blonde *MESH* – By Rika Oyen
Marketplace Inworld

*Outfit* – :V.e. – Carmen Ruffled Bikini – Teal *MESH* – By ValentinaEvangelista

*Shoes* – Eudora 3D – Pinup Pumps *Slink High/MESH* – By Eudora3D *NEW*
Marketplace InworldKustom 9

*Pose* – Signature Pose – Vintage – By Amanda Randall *Coming Soon*


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