♥ I’ll always be waiting… ♥

I’ve had one of those few days where I reflect alot on the past, I have those deep thought moments but just recently I have been travelling far back into my mind and raking up old memories.
Like alot of people I have many regrets but some just really stick, I am trying my hardest to keep up with everything, blogging and my pose store but with the constant voice of “you will fail” replaying in my head it can be quite hard.
I am going to try my hardest though because well keeping myself busy helps much with keeping the bad thoughts away and it seems most people can be ashamed of mentioning they are on Second Life, I openly talk about it, I have so many wonderful memories there, true friends, my partner who I met there and now who I live with,  and now a way to express how I feel by blogging and of course my new business. I know some people might be like “well make a RL blog”… If truth be told I like using my avatar to express me, there’s just something about using a character to help show how I feel. It’s not that I am embarrassed who I am and I certainly don’t separate SL and RL, I am very open and will tell you anything.
I just, I don’t know, I feel more comfortable I guess. And dressing up is always fun!
On most days I lack so much motivation or have so much going on it is so hard for me to just sit and get on with it and I know I have said many times before that I will, I have kept all of my resolutions so far 😉 so please be patient with me and for those of you that have and continue to support me on a daily basis, thank you!

Now onto other ramblings, except these come with pictures 😀

♥ I'll always be waiting... ♥

 I decided the outfit from GizzA was the best for this post, I absolutely love the detail and obviously the colour 😛 so, great news happy shoppers this is available at The Chapter Four until the 31st of Jan 😀 there are 3 styles to choose from which includes both the bustier and skirt in 5 standard sizes, which I found also fit my slink body without issues.
They’re 99L each! A demo is also available so please try that first.

The shoes are from Eudora3D for Slink high feet which you buy separately and please make sure you have the updated version if you already have them. I love the quality of these shoes, of all Eudora’s shoes, it’s outstanding and so realistic and fully customizable. There are also 5 different parts of the shoe available to re texture.  12 different texture sets for straps 1 and straps 2 and heel and sole in each version, 4 different textures sets available for Metals
and 6 different textures sets available for Stone. The system is fast to navigate through the HUD pages and select textures because there is only 1 script per shoe & HUD to avoid lag. You can also modify the shoe base and use the social media buttons to connect with Eudora 😀
There is a total of 3 colour versions and a Fatback available for purchase, please also try a demo as they are available too.

♥ I'll always be waiting... ♥

 Now for my closeup 😉

I wanted to show off the jewellery from Maxi Gossamer, which is still out at Uber which is exclusive, you get the earring and necklace both are 100% mesh with the options of either gold or silver and 11 colour combos.
I really do love this set, as I mentioned before 90% of my jewellery folder is MG and each set she releases I fall deeper in love. That is not an exaggeration!
I look forward to the next set, with anticipation and cannot wait to show it off to you!.

Finally is the skin from Wow Skins, as you may have noticed I am wearing my Slink Mesh Head in the first picture but (lol) I removed it so you could see the skin. (If only we could change heads that quickly in RL)
This skin is Aledia and comes in 5 tones and is at Designer Circle for 99L per tone.

*Skin* – Wow Skins – Aleida – Tan– By Sawsan Secretspy *NEW@ Designer Circle*

*Hands* – Slink – Elegant 1 *MESH*
*Feet* – Slink – High *MESH*
*Head* – Slink Visage – Emma *MESH* (Full Body Image)
– By Siddean Munro

*Nails* – Hello Dave – New Season Berry – 12 – By Maia Gasparini *NEW*

*Jewellery* – MG – Selene Set – *MESH* By Maxi Gossamer *NEW@UBER*
Marketplace InworldUber

*Hair* – Catwa – Pamela – A *MESH* – By Catwa Clip
Marketplace Inworld

*Outfit* – GizzA – Natalie Outfit – Lace *MESH* – By Giz Seorn *NEW*

*Shoes* – Eudora3D – Harker Heels – Fatpack *MESH* – By Eudora3D

*Pose in Pic 1* – Exposeur – Advent Gift 2 – By Rubystarlight Writer

*Pose Pic 2* – Izzies – Headshot 4 – By Izzie Button (Arm was edited into the pose)

Go shop! 😀
Until tomorrow! ♥

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