♥ Love is just love, it can never be explained ♥

Good morning 😀
Well the first month of 2015 is almost over and with Valentines day just around the corner creators all over Second Life are busy making items which will help you and your Valentine have the most romantic and special evening or entire day together.
I on the other hand am clueless, I usually like to spoil my partner so much but once they have pretty much everything what else can you get?

Stay sassy ♥

Did you know that Valentines Day might have started with hitting more than giving kisses?
According to a website Some historians believe the holiday is loosely tied to Lupercalia, a Roman fête that was held between February 13 and 15. During the festivities, women lined up for men to slap them with the hides of freshly skinned animals in an attempt to ensure their fertility.
I know right! Romance overkill 😛

And certain studies show that men are more romantic than women on Valentines Day, According to the results, 72% of people who have a significant other are celebrating Valentine’s Day this year. And it’s not just for people who are dating or maybe trying to make a good impression on a potential life partner. Even when they broke it down by marital status, 72% of people who are married or in a civil union said they’re celebrating this year.

Regardless of marital status, men reported that they’ll spend $100 on their significant other, while women said they’ll spend $50. And when it comes to how much men and women expect their significant other to spend on them? Men expect to receive gifts totalling $5 and women expect $50.  If you want to look at it another way, men expect to receive 95% less than they’ll spend, while women are banking on an even trade.

What about couples who aren’t going to celebrate? Is romance dead? Well most non-celebrators pointed to finances or sentiments that they don’t need a special day to express their love for one another. Awww! 🙂 or maybe they just forgot lol

But does love grow fonder over time? Alas, no. People who said they’ve been together for one year or less are the most likely to celebrate Valentine’s Day (80%). And really, whoever you are, it’d be pretty bad form to go into a relationship assuming that Valentine’s Day doesn’t matter to your sweetie.

We also heard that Valentine’s Day is “Just for kids.” But the age group that’s least likely to celebrate includes people from 30 to 44 years old, at 60%. That’s 14% lower than average. What might people between 30 and 44 have that others don’t? Well, according to our results, at 67%, they’re also the most likely group to have children under 18.

Whatever the reason, if you don’t have anyone to celebrate with this year, you may want to consider giving the gift of babysitting to couples with kids. And speaking of people who aren’t currently in a relationship, although the majority of them said they’re not doing anything special for Valentine’s Day, 37% of singles will be sharing the day with someone–and that someone is most likely a family member (25%) because well, love should always be spread around and shown.

So what are your plans this Valentines? Are you all set or do you think you have to make some last minute reservations somewhere?
What do you think your valentine will get you?
I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments.

♥ Love is just love, it can never be explained ♥


So in some upcoming posts I have some Valentines builds and outfits to get you and your partner in the loving mood, first I shall start with Rebel Hope, I find this outfit to be so flirty, I mean would you look at me and my Shilenni, just bouncing on the bed as causal as possible, so not trying to get your attention. Hehe, she is so great at helping me stay focused but on days like this we just spend like 3-5 hours giggling and then before we know it, it’s time for bed, this was actually taken over the weekend so we had a little more time than usual but like I said, we laugh ALOT so it’s difficult to just get out the posts.

Anyway! Rebel Hope, yes, this gorgeous lil lingerie set is out now at My Attic and comes in 5 stunning colours, I am obviously in the Pink and Shil is in the Lavender, there is also Red, Blue and Black.
5 standard sizes and for you lovely mesh body wearers, sizes for both Slink and Belleza 😀
One of my favorite parts of this outfit is the gorgeous mesh bow at the back, I will link you to Shilleni’s Blog <– (Click there) so you can see the amazing detail that she showed and of course that cute bow!
Be sure to go and visit the deck and get this, as I said I think it’s fun and flirty, you could even use it as the first outfit of the day 😉 and go on from there.

*Skin* – Wow Skins – Aleida – Milk – By Sawsan Secretspy *NEW@ Designer Circle*
MarketplaceInworld DC

*Hands* – Slink – Elegant 1 *MESH*
*Feet* – Slink – Medium *MESH*
*Head* – Slink Visage – Emma *MESH*
– By Siddean Munro
Marketplace Inworld

*Hair* – Truth – Vixen – Blondes *MESH* – By Truth Hawks

*Outfit* – Rebel Hope – Sassy Lingerie – Pink *MESH* – By Rebel Hope *NEW@My Attic*
MarketplaceInworldMy Attic

*Pose* – Focus Poses – Pillow Fight! (Mesh pillows included) – By Carol Kling

Scene Credits

*Pixel Mode*
*Bed &Draws* – Manchester Set *MESH*
*Flower Lamp* – Flower Wire Table Light *MESH*
Girl Power Floor Light – Pink *MESH*
By Tya Fallingbridge

*Floorplan – Salon Gacha*
*Hair Straighters* – Curling Wand & Flat Iron – Audrey *MESH/GACHA*
*Bobby Pins* – Bobby Pins *MESH/GACHA*
By Tegan Serin
Marketplace Inworld

*Second Spaces – Game Night Gacha*
Dice Throw Set *MESH*
Domino Set *MESH*
By Elle Kirshner

*Wooden Sign* – Alouette – I Love You/I Know Signs *MESH* – By Scarlet Chandrayaan

*Sheep Plushie* – Sugar Heart – Cotton Candy Sheep – Mint – By Sugar Heartsdale *MESH*

*Nail Polish Rack* – PILOT – Nail Polish Rack *MESH* – By Kaz Nayar

*Floorlight with lights* – BananaN – Floorlight 2 – By Banana Mellow *MESH*
Marketplace Inworld

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