♥ Love me like you do ♥

How many of you have jumped on the Fifty Shades of Grey bandwagon?
I did read the books and usually when I read the books I can never watch the films after as I feel like it takes everything away from what you have read, mainly because they have to remove so much in order for it all to fit into the space of a film I guess.
Well, this time for me it was different, I want to watch the film, even after reading the books, mainly because I wanted to see what all the hype was about………… If there was any.
I have heard and seen nothing but bad reviews about the film, is it worth spending your money to go see this if it’s that bad?
If you have seen it how do you feel about it?
I would love some more reviews about it because we all know what it’s like when public officials get a hold of info just to try and get publicity, so if you will please tell me what you thought of it, if it’s as bad as I am seeing I won’t bother wasting my time.

♥ Love me like you do ♥

On that note though, I must admit I am in love with one of the featured songs for FSOG, by Ellie Goulding, I have never been a big fan of hers but I did love Burn and How long will I love you, mainly because I am a soppy git 😛 but this one, as soon as I heard it I fell in love and it instantly inspired this picture. It seems a bit weird to me but sometimes  I just need to hear a first few seconds of a song and I will know instantly if I will like it and then I continue to hear it, if not I switch off or switch over, maybe it’s just me. 😛

So with all the craze of Fifty Shades going on, Freya of Mon Cheri sent me some items from the store, I have wanted to blog for her for so long and now I finally get the chance to and I am super excited. 😀
Speaking of Mon Cheri, have you seen her Mesh eyelashes? I don’t care if I am so far behind with this news I have to share it also 😀

Falsies HUD - New Release!

Yes I totally stole this image from Freya’s Flickr but there also you can see so much more that Mon Cheri has 😀
These eyelashes are OUTSTANDING, the best I have ever got so easy to edit to fit your eyes they also come with an Alpha mask to hide system lashes, they are not rigged and you can copy them as many times as you want and of course modify. For me they are a perfect fit as they are designed to fit avatars eyes with no gaps, so they look more natural.
They come with three styles (See the image) in which you can choose between, also 15 colour options again see the image. 😀 that’s not as far as you can take colouring though you can tint them also by using regular sl tinting so you can put them into any colour!
You will  have to edit them to fit your eyes, there are 4 prims in total to fit, an upper left lash and of course the right to match 😛
You can pick up a demo of these from the Marketplace and these also will make you want to buy them 😉
You can also read the manual here for fitting help.

And one final update before I shut up and give you credits lol it’s one that owners of the Slink Physique Mesh Body have been waiting for, yes, Siddean has finally updated the body, hands, feet and heads. Now me personally, I never had a problem with how anything looked and if my clothes didn’t fit, I simply just used the HUD to hide what I needed, some of you might see that as sloppy, some of you may agree, however that is how I was comfortable and I kept it that way. So a few things I will tell you is the shape of the body has been tweaked and the legs, hips, breasts, shoulders and stomach

Also Siddean added eight save and apply buttons to the Alpha and Layers HUD. So you can save your current alpha configuration by using one of the save buttons, and apply it by using the apply button. To change the saved alpha configuration on a button you have already saved, just press save again with the new configuration

I will link you the page which will show you everything that is new in the release and you can see all that here.

I love the changes with the updates to the feet, meaning now they come separately which I think is amazing for mixing and matching your feet as you can with the hands.

The HUDs have been completely revamped too 😀
Just a few parts I will explain here you can see all the new changes on the Slink website.
Left and right feet are now able to be targeted individually with any Slink compatible feet tattoo HUD. You can wear tattoos on each foot, or on both feet at once! As for the nails omg, well this is my favourite part of the update, you can now click each individual nail and colour them one by one using either the nail colours on the HUD or if you have purchased them from any Slink Av Enhancement nail creators. Create the rainbow! 😀

And finally just a little about the Mesh heads Becky and Emma and then I am shushing.
Both shapes around the eyes have been re done for a prettier effect with less eye slider changes needed Siddean recommends eyes should be set at around 50 width for the best effect for them. The lashes have been updated to texture lashes and also the ears can now be switched off so you can wear your own. EYESHADOOOOOWS! Yup! Visage now supports extra makeup layers independant of the skin underneath. You can now use applier eyeshadows, blush and lips. Skin and Makeup creators can now apply their own eyelash textures to the eyelashes for some variety using the custom UV map. Tell them about it! 😀
That’s all I am going to tell you guys, I hope I haven’t spoiled too much or told you too little but by clicking the link above you can see all the brand new changes and I PROMISE you will love them!
As for me I am sorry this post has been so long, I just wanted to get all the excitement out there lol.

Last and finally, I feel like I am steering away from blogging a little because I am always fussing about what to write I find myself over-thinking and by over-thinking I get bloggers block so I either don’t blog and when I do I type so much and to be honest it’s getting too much, I do not want to bore my readers, I really like to keep you guys entertained and I love the support you are all giving me, again, thank you! 
But for now, I think I am just going to create the image and drop the credits for you and just leave it there, that doesn’t mean I won’t say anything, of course if I am to include more details about a certain product then I will or if I feel like getting something out of my system good or bad but I think I am just over stressing myself and that’s not good because that will just pull me away from something I love.
I hope you will still stick with me and continue to visit my blog and Flickr. 
I’ll still be here, just not typing novels. 
Thank you once more for your love and support!

Wow Skins – Olga – Bronze 05 – By Sawsan Secretspy

*Body Parts*
*Hands* – Slink – Elegant 1 *MESH*
*Feet* – Slink – High *MESH*
*Body* – Slink – Physique *MESH*
– By Siddean Munro
Marketplace Inworld

Hello Dave – Soft As Love – 23 – By Maia Gasparini *NEW*
Marketplace Inworld

Liquence – Genetics – F2 *MESH* – By Villena Swansen

*Mon Cheri* – Flirtini – Red/Pink *MESH* – By Freya Olivieri

*Mon Cheri* – Heartbreaker Sandals – Rose *MESH/SLink High* – By Freya Olivieri

*Pose & Prop*
Focus Poses – Sofa Bed *MESH* – By  Carol Kling
Marketplace Inworld

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