♥ Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!’ ♥

Spring is nature's way of saying, 'Let's party!' (Closeup)

Just a quick drop by and I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend.
I know again I said that I wouldn’t say too much but seeing as I am so used to talking (typing) your ears off I just can’t seem to give it up that easy lol.

Anyhow, I will keep it brief 😉
Here is my post for today, if it counts as it’s 3:26am.
ARCADE SOON!! 😀 I hope you have your pennies ready lol and looking at it this is a great round, could very well be my favey.
Second Spaces, I’m coming for you girl! Teehee.

Spring is nature's way of saying, 'Let's party!'


Pink Acid – Sharon – Peach – By Stasey Oller

Mon Cherie – Falsies *MESH* – By Freya Olivier

*Body Parts*
*Hands* – Slink – Elegant 1 *MESH*
*Feet* – Slink – Flat *MESH*
– By Siddean Munro
Marketplace Inworld

Hello Dave – My 49 – 18 – By Maia Gasaprini *NEW*

{FORMANAILS} – I love you – Elegant-1 – Black *MESH* – By Ivi Bing
Marketplace Inworld

MG – Necklace – Dream Happy Fairy Moon *MESH* – By Maxi Gossamer

Catwa – Mia – Light Tones A *MESH* – By Catwa Clip *NEW*
Marketplace Inworld

Gayaa – Jasmine Wreath *MESH* – By Gayaa Resident *NEW*
Marketplace Inworld

*Outfit *
Mon Cheri – Sachi Flare Dress – Pomidori *MESH* – By Freya Olivier

[BREATHE] – Jessy Bow Flats – Cherry (Slink Flat) *MESH* – By Daisa Admiral
Marketplace Inworld

Signature Pose – Debbie – 05
Signature Pose – Bootylicious – 04
– By Amanda Randall

[Breathe] - Jessie


Oh, oh, [Breathe] is a great new store that has opened!
Daisa has created so many beautiful shoes and I have the pleasure of showing them off to you. 😀
I play around with creating all ways to blog shoes and such, sometimes I hate what I come up with and some days its fine, who knows maybe in two weeks I will remove this 😛 I may just get that bit better.
The Flats come in 24 colours and that is all those that you see in the picture, nope I did not just create those for decoration, I did it, well because I could lol and to show you all the pretty colours 😀
Best way to always tell is to go see for yourself.
Scroll back up for locations!

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