♥ She leaves a little confetti everywhere she goes ♥

Hey 😀

This is going to be one of those “informative” posts 😛
Soo  I have to share some of my busy week and me new apparent profession!
This weekend I just couldn’t sleep, let me tell you it’s been a while since I stayed up from 8am until 7:30am the next day! I felt like I was starting SL all over again, of course with it’s all updated sexiness, non the less I did it, such a rebel I am.
For some strange reason (if it’s only me) the later I am awake, the more hyper I get, could be possible that the world, pixels or not might be safer when I’m snoozing.
Anyhoozer! Rebel Hope decided it was time to send out her brand new release for FaMESHed….. Only (Sorry Rebelicious!) she sent us her mannequin! Now I wont complain because  I think it’s adorable and makes an excellent prop (which you will see soon) but for her I am sure it was a tad embarrassing but that can all be solved by us all getting in group and telling her it was fine. So no worries! 🙂
All was well in Rebel Land……. Until……
Hyperactivity kicked in.. I suddenly became obsessed with confetti and had this crazy idea that I needed to make her laugh for her minor mishap and I am all for making a fool of myself for other peoples humour so I thought what better way than to grind upon said mannequin as a twerk Princess.
So I did.
Yes, really.

Twerk Time!

Good thing about this image, it made her laugh aaaaand it’s in the Rebel Hope hall of fame, so  I guess me doing silly things like this completely pays off! 😀

That is not all..
While explaining to Miss Shilenni about what had happened, we just thought it would be a great idea to do some sort of a sequel to this twerk thang, turns out she had the most perfect animation.
So twerk time was born and so we’re we… Naughty Twerk Twins, named solely by Rebel, of course we will wear the title with pride, along with the tiara’s in which Rebel gave to us especially for our escapade!
If you’re interested 😛 you can view this video right here.

Now down to the seriousness of this post, Rebel has in fact done two new releases for FaMESHed this month, The Brook Dress and The Slam Glam Wedges. The dress comes in 8  colours and 5 standard sizes not forgetting sizes for Slink, Belleza, Maitreya and a fitted mesh.  The dress also includes a bow in which you can use a HUD to change the colour, you have a choice of 8 pretty colours :D.
A Rebel Pack is also offered.

Sometimes it's the smallest decisions that can change your life forever... ♥
Sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that can change your life forever… ♥

 The Wedges 😀
The Glam Slam wedge heels are high detailed right down to the laces and tassels.  They are available in 10 colours which match perfectly with the Brook dress and many other items of clothing you would have.
These shoes are fitted to be compatible with Maitreya Lara, Belleza Venus, Slink Physique High and The Mesh Project “Ouch” mesh feet.
A Rebel Pack is also available for these as well.

We also managed to get into the Arcade which was the first time I attempted to get in so early and since then it’s been pointless, though I must brag for a second on how proud I was to again get the entire set of Second Spaces in one go :D.

Not all the deco items are from The Arcade so please read the credit carefully as not to get confused. I will also add their main stores also.

The Arcade – March 2015
(All items are mesh)

Quilting Design Wall
Variegated Poly Thread
Sewing Machine *RARE*
Charm Packs & Fat Quarters
Jelly Roll Precuts
Sewing Tools
Cotton Thread – Standing Rack
By Robin Sojourner

Tres Blah
Stacked Magazines
Tossed Clothes
Paper Pile
By Julliette Westerburg

Cafe Happy – Cafe Table (small)
By AbbyAnne

Alms Cottage – Blue – By Elsa Wellesley

Star of Fame – Best Blogger
The Murphy Collection – Stack of Boxes
– By Emery Milneaux
Marketplace Inworld

Second Spaces
Cluttered House – Charging station – By Elle Kirshner

Soda & Pink Soda – By aki69

*None Arcade*
(All Mesh)

World Traveled Table – White – By Scarlet Chandrayaan

Emma’s Play Market – Rug – Pink – By Snowy Melody
*New @ The Play Room from 5th March*
Marketplace – InworldTPR

Urban Daisies 
Sleeping Kitty – By Addictedtomimsie
Marketplace Inworld

 Catwa has also released bounced fitted mesh hair!
Whatever pack you buy they include Two Sizes for Normal and Lola breasts
A Physics add on which will make your butt and boobs bounce! Which of course you don’t wear it if you don’t want them boink.
Also Two Versions, normal regular fitted rigged mesh
Bounce Fitted Rigged Mesh, You should wear the included physics with this version [
Works cool with Walk/Stand animations only. Will NOT work properly for sitting and posing].

And finally for the skin 😀 my gorgeous Queen Pants, Stasey Oller has recently released a new skin set called Renee 😀 you can find this at the Cosmetic Fair, 5 gorgeous tones, appliers for Slink, Belleza and Maitreya and now with an applier for TMP!
Rebel Hope - Glam Slam Wedges

♥ She leaves a little confetti everywhere she goes ♥

 Now before I close this massively long post (Sorry!)

I actually want to pay homage to one of the most talented creators I have ever come across, since I started Second Life, she has been creating, I had visited her store back when I was still a noob and finding things out, her dresses were amazing then and have only gotten better, so I think it’s only fair that you know how much we appreciate you Rebel Hope, not just for your incredible fashion but for allowing us, your bloggers to get it for absolutely nothing and having the pleasure to show it off to the SL Nation. 
As a blogger of yours I am and feel so privileged that you chose me to be apart of your team.
Not only as your blogger but as a friend, something in which you have become so quickly, I enjoy our laughs, you continue to make me do crazy things 😛 Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ♥
Shil and I are so thankful.

Thank you also to my Shilenni for doing this with me, you always know how to make me smile and laugh so effing loud 😉
I love and adore you.
If you want to check out Shil’s blog you can right here 🙂

Pink Acid – Renee – Peach – By Stasey Oller *NEW@Cosmetic Fair*
MarketplaceInworldCosmetic Fair

*Body Parts*
– Slink – Elegant 1 (R) Splayed (L)
*Feet* – Slink – High
*Head* – Slink Visage – Emma
*Body* – Slink – Physique
– By Siddean Munro
Marketplace Inworld

HOC – Rectangle Framed Glasses – By Guu Nishi

Catwa – Rosy – Naturals *MESH* – By Catwa Clip *NEW*
Marketplace – Inworld

Rebel Hope – Brook Dress – Purple/Coral *MESH* – By Rebel Hope *NEW@FaMESHed*
MarketplaceInworld FaMESHed

Rebel Hope – Glam Slam Wedge Heels Purple/Coral *MESH* – By Rebel Hope *NEW@FaMESHed*

Rebel Hope – Elizabeth Pearl Tiara and Earrings Set – By Rebel Hope

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