<3 We thank you.. Rudhmellowen Laguna <3

We thank you.. <3

I haven’t writen anything on my blog for a while, simply because I thought I was boring the shit out of people with my constant ramblings lol so in the end I just posted credits in order not to continue with said shit lol…Speaking of ramblings, I finally got to meet in person one of my most dedicated bloggers, Rudhmellowen Laguna, she is an absolute sweetheart and has been with me since the days of my part in Captivity Co. and now Shilenni and I are so very proud to have her with us during our Signature Pose & ShiZZo journey.

In her blog post in which you can find here she explains how thankful she is to be apart of our team and how she felt honoured for me to stand beside her as if I am some kind of SL Celebrity and seeing as she has labeled me with some “celebrity” status (Which I find hilarious btw! because I am SO NOT) I will say this… Please do not feel honoured to be around me (as sweet as the thought of you thinking that) and this is not me being humble or modest, I am being deadly serious.
If anything I am honoured, truly that you continued to have faith in me and asking me to be apart of the picture and post that you have created.
And although you did the post and picture in order to say thank you, we thank you and I thank you. Thank you for being the sweetest and incredibly caring person, for applying to be apart of our blogging team once again and creating some amazing blog posts and featuring what we create in them.
You are a wonderful person and a fantastic blogger! I feel blessed to know you.
If anything WE are the honoured ones
So Rudhmellowen Laguna… Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart ♥
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


Essences –  Lou – Ann – Medium 02 – By Inka Mexicola *NEW*

Body Parts
Hands – Slink – Elegant 1 & Flat
Feet  – Slink – Medium
Body – Slink – Physique
– By Siddean Munro

[BREATHE] – Serene Band – Pink – By Daisa Admiral *NEW@The Epiphany*
MarketplaceInworldThe Epiphany

[BREATHE] – Serene Clutch – By Daisa Admiral RARE  *NEW Gacha @The Epiphany*

Catwa – Kora – Brown – By Catwa Clip *NEW*

GizzA – Sidney Blazer Set – Pastel – By Giz Seorn *NEW*
Marketplace Inworld

[BREATHE] – Serene Heels – Pink – By Daisa Admiral *NEW Gacha @The Epiphany*

To view more of Rudh’s posts, please visit this link here.


  1. EEEEEEEEH that is the sweetest and most loveliest post I’ve ever read… Personally I feel that your SLebrity status is well deserved, but going forward to me you will always be just plain old boring old TT lol… I promise!!! I love the words you’ve written about me, I love working for you and Shilenni and I hope that I will be continuing to do so for evaaaaaaaaaa lol… xxx

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