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Hey guys and girls 😀
I hope you’re all having a wonderful Thursday, it’s been 29c here in the UK, which means it’s hot as balls lol 😛

So, most of you that follow my blog know I haven’t done a review in well over 4 years maybe.. but I felt it was time for one, now this isn’t my usual review so if you don’t wish to read about lady parts, then exit off this page now lol. 
I would prefer it if you did continue reading though as you’ll sadly be missing out. 
So, it’s rare that I do these kind of photo’s but how else am I meant to show this off? 😀

The item I am reviewing today is know as the Vajayjay and is created by JordanSpring which is the owner of the store, “A Lady’s Secret” I first came across this when my sister created a blog photo and it was the first thing that caught my eye… I know, for my sister that sounds terrible lol I just knew it wasn’t part of the body she was using. 
So, I asked her where it was from and she pointed me in the right direction. 

Just a side note, you can clearly see that I have edited my photo, the only thing I didn’t touch besides the filter I used was the Vajayjay, the shine comes from the glossiness on the HUD. No editing was needed on the Vajayjay as it literally shapes to your Maitreya body. 

The Vajayjay comes with an instructions notecard, two HUDs (one which is a mini hud) and piercings, you can also get the Demo from the marketplace to try before you buy as no refunds will be given.
The Vajayjay is priced at L$1,299. 

So, the HUD’s

The one on the left is the standard HUD and with this you can control everything that the Pro Bento Vajayjay offers. Including, Animations, Shine, Hair and it’s styles, lip colouring, shine. 

The mini Hud on the right is more compact and it focuses on the most used feature such as: particle effects, intercourse speed and the openings of the Vajayjay.

Skin matching I found was really easy because I have the Omega HUD for my Maitreya body, all you have to do is attach the Omega HUD and the skin HUD that you’re using and re-apply them, it will change colour for you and match perfectly. 😀
If you don’t have the HUD needed Use the color wheel of your HUD (under customization tab) to tint the color of your Vajayjay to the color of your choice. Option to tint vagina, lips and hair. If you use glossiness on your Maitreya body, you can also raise the glossiness of your Vajayjay by raising the glossiness slider on the customization tab. (That’s how I got mine in the photo to look all shiny hehe)

If you don’t have an Omega compatible skin and are not skilled in the ways of tinting – or you want a particular custom feature (such as a specific color) for the skin of your Vajayjay, A Lady’s Secret also provides custom made skin for its Vajayjay for a small additional fee. Please contact the creator via notecard. 🙂

Just a note from the creator: 
This Vajayjay matches the Maitreya body 100% at ground level. When increasing in altitude (flying) the mesh may contract a little bit. This is a known Second Life issue and it may lead to the appearance of some of very tiny dots at the joint lines. In order to provide a perfect matching at ground level, there is nothing we can do about this issue. It is truly out of our hands. 

For MAMA-ALLPA users: The Vagina will automatically open once you select your MAMA-ALLPA HUD to your sexual partner.

For It’s Not Mine users: The Pro Bento Vajayjay works like any other item compatible with the “it Is not mine” cum system. Its functions are hidden until the orgasm code is sent – a random area of application is then chosen. If you have questions about this system please message: TrinaCarlsson

Personally for me, I will be only getting this out for erotic photography purposes, as I am a good little virgin girl lol but from going through the HUD’s and seeing what it can do, (yes, I tested it) I am really impressed and if you seriously want something that looks realistic and will be great for use with your sexual activities, roleplay and even photography, I would seriously recommend this. The price is an absolute bargain too! 

Currently they are working on a major new update, which could include a fix to the mesh compression bug. I can’t wait to see what’s new. 

So, now that you should be sold on the idea, I will link all the links that you need for any items that you see in the photo and of course for the Vajayjay, because well, we all know you want one 😉 

I hope you all have a wonderful day or night, whenever you are in the world. 😀 

Catwa – Catya – By Catwa Clip

*Spicy* – Millie – By Veronika Beningborough

A Lady’s Secret – Pro Bento VaJayJay – By JordanSpring

Villena – Handcuffs – By Villena Swansen

#Foxy – Tamed – By Liza Broono

Nipple Peircings & Love Bites
Cross Piercing
Love Bites
– By Lonlysoule

Phedora – Genesis – By Celena Galli

Ana Poses – Winnipeg – 05 – By Fanny Finney

PALETO – Dark Love – By Kaled156

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